Wild Oak

  1. After Darkness
  2. Wild Oak
  3. High on Life
  4. New-born
  5. Fading

Muddhedd does it again! Yay!

About Wild Oak.

First of all, don’t ask me why it has five songs. As always for an EP I was aiming for a 4 song EP. But don’t worry, I promise I will make it up to you by releasing a three song EP someday.

First song, After Darkness, was just that. A happy place in my life after some darker days. Now, we all have darker days every now and then, so I figured I’d just make a song to celebrate that those days too will pass… 

Wild oak, title song of this EP. I am very fond of the “Michael Jackson-ish” baseline that runs to parts of this song, giving it a playful energy when combined with the more static and square parts of the song.

High on life, yeah, what better thing to be high on? Nothing that I can think of! A celebration to happiness and awesomeness! And of course, life itself! Yay life! <3 

New-born was a song that I wrote for the next EP, but somehow, I figured it belonged here, so this is the “failing” track that should not have been on this EP from the start. The best part of this song, according to me, is the two different piano melodies that you meet alone at first, and then they come together, creating interesting things as a combo.

Fading was another one-night creation. Going for a melody that could be carried by an unorthodox sound, that would make me able to place it in the background of the other sounds, still making it strong and claiming its rightful place. I kind of enjoy how it starts far back, fades in, does its thing, then fades out.

Oh, and a cool thing about this EP! It is mentioned in the book “N3v3r!and”.