The 24123 Muddhedd challenge

As I write this, November 29th 2022, I have scheduled 85 Muddhedd tracks to release 2023, spanning from first full moon in January to last in December. Only one release is scheduled “off” full moon. It has its reasons for being so.

The number 85 was nothing I planned for, or reached for, nor even counted on. But it happened. And being so close, of course I aim to release 100 Muddhedd tracks in 2023. It is doable, in fact, more than doable. I have more than a year to create 15 more tracks.

But I challenge myself. Can I do it before the end of 2022? Is it possible to create another 15 tracks in a little over a month? Well, I aim for it, in fact, I have already started, 3 tracks are done, 4th well on the way. Giving 11 more tracks (at least) to create during December.

This sparked an idea. A crazy idea, and I am uncertain whether I should speak of it in public or just keep it to myself to see if I can do it. Then I figured, why not up the stakes a bit, and make it a public statement?

Here is goes.

I, Muddhedd, challenge myself to create and release 123 tracks in 2024. It is the release part that is for 2024, the creation part starts as of 1 January 2023. The goal is to release the first track on 1st January 2024, then continue to release one track every 3rd day. They will be named with a track name (as usual) and then numbered, something like this: Exampletrack (24007). This will indicate that the Exampletrack is the 007 track of the challenge for 2024. (Yeah! That’s mr. Bond for ya! But not with license to kill, just a self-proclaimed license to create music!)

Now, perhaps you are thinking – oh no, Muddhedd will release a bunch of crap tracks for 2024!

I can assure you – I will not!

To me, the creation and release of 123 tracks by the end of 2024 is not the goal itself, just the consequence of it. The goal is to harvest, channel and focus my creativity and make the most of my ideas by creating a deliberate method, or machinery, that will allow my ideas to transform to quality tracks, with the standards I want to hold (even now, I discard many ideas, rework some and leave some as just ideas) for me to be proud of what I have created.

As a teaser, and just mentioning another idea, I am thinking that perhaps this would be something for someone (you perhaps) to read about, so perhaps (not a promise) this will become a form of book or something, “Being Muddhedd” by Muddhedd. Sounds interesting? Give me a thumbs up or a pat on the shoulder. Either by “Buy me a coffee” or the contact form here on Musiclabb.

…and… perhaps, follow my release progress, as usual I will publish upcoming releases here…