About musiclabb

Well, this was supposed to be a secret. But it is out in the open, for those who know where to look.

My intention was to create a website for my music, and gathering my different artist fronts. For now, six of them.

I did not plan on making any connections between the artist fronts and my name. I intended to stay anonymous. But. Something changed. Spotify for one thing. With changes in the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and information flow, my name was clearly published with each track and song that I released. And once I figured the genie was out of the bottle, then why not? Let’s go for it.

My name is Nalle Windahl, and I write music for the artist fronts that I have on this webpage. And I write books. If you’d like to check them out visit jnw.se.

I am from Sweden, live in Ängelholm, in the southern parts of Sweden. Been doin’ music since I was about 10, which means that to date, I’ve played around for about 34 years. (And now you can guess how old I am.)

My drive is not being an artist. My drive is to create. Explore. Follow my curiosity. Merge it with my creativity. I make music for me, the kind of music I’d like to listen to. And I want to make it available. Perhaps you or someone else finds a track or two to enjoy, and if you – good for you, if not, keep on looking! There are plenty of good music out there in the cyberverse of internet and various services. I hope you find something you enjoy, somewhere!