About Muddhedd listeners

Mayhaps – just maybe, you are reading this since you found Muddhedd music somewhere. Perhaps you listened to it and by doing so, finding your way here for more. Out of curiosity maybe.

Or, you are here for completely different reasons.

However you found your way to this page, this is just an ‘about’ page, about what is described in the title. Muddhedd listeners.

Now, I really cannot say anything about Muddhedd listeners just yet. The listeners are starting to get to know Muddhedd, and as curiosity works, Muddhedd wants to know the listeners a little better. And currently, one way of doing so is to check the statistics of the music services. By doing so, the location (or at least a nearby location) from where a stream (track being played) originated, there is a listing of that place.

This is why Muddhedd chooses to find out more about that location. Just something, a little fact. Something that catches Muddhedds interest. Now, naturally, it would be better to catch a glimpse of the listener, but until that opportunity arises, the (near by) location will do, for now.

Let’s hope you enjoy this as much as Muddhedd does. And who knows (or who’s nose – as Muddhedd released), perhaps your location is mentioned here.

Find the listeners here.