About Muddhedd

About Muddhedd.

It’s simple.

You like the music? Listen to it!

You don’t like the music? Don’t listen to it!


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Q: Can I find Muddhedd on any social media platform?

A: No.

Q: Will Muddhedd perform live or do any kind of shows?

A: No. Not ever. Will only enjoy the process of music creation, recording and releasing. That’s it.

Q: Can we do an interview with Muddhedd?

A: No. Unless all below criterias are fulfilled and met:

  • Find contact details to Muddhedd
  • Present yourself and who or what your represent
  • Explain how an interview with Muddhedd will benefit you or who or what you represent.
  • Explain how an interview will benefit Muddhedd
  • Explain how the audience of Muddhedd will benefit from the interview
  • Prepare questions in advance and explain why this particular question is of interest.
  • Digital interviews only, as in exchanging text.
  • Muddhedd decides what questions to answer.

Q: Does Muddhedd create all sounds from scratch or is it presets?

A: Muddhedd is a preset jockey! Occasionally tweaks the sound, but mostly uses presets. It is like modern painter that buys their paint and creates marvelous paintings, compared to painters back in the days that had to create their own paint befor creating marvelous paintings. But huge respect to everybody who is able to create synth sounds from scratch! Among the favorites are Vince Clarke and Rob Papen, just to mention a few.

Q: Is it true that Muddhedd does not listen to the released songs in a very long time from creation to release?

A: Yes, it is true. It is a consequence of the work-flow. When a track is created, it needs to be finished before the next track is started (almost always). Once several tracks, or a project (single, EP or Album) is done, it is uploaded to the distribution service (Amuse). Once accepted and scheduled for release, all files, audio-files, source-files, images etc are moved from the current digital workspace to backup for long term storage. And from that point, there are no files for Muddhedd to use to listen to the tracks. Thus, there is a long wait (sometimes up to six months) before the track comes back as it is released. The nice part about this is that it almost feels like a new track when it is released. Or a pleasant visit from an old friend.

Q: Muddhedd has quoted Picasso – what was that all about?

A: Yes, it is the belief of Muddhedd that Pablo Picasso once said:

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose it to give it away.

Pablo Picasso

This being said, making music is one gift that Muddhedd has found, by releasing it, it is given to you.