1. am I
  2. are you
  3. is it
  4. is that

About the EP.

am I – was written in about an hour – everything just flowed. Found the right sounds that matched and created the balance I was looking for. Also, as usual, started with 80 BPM, and often I change that during the writing process, but not for this track, it is perfect at 80 BPM, just the right amount of energy forward and yet still laid back and soft.

are you – a tentative laid back production, each sound held back but pushed to the edge of blooming out fully. The entire production asks “who are you?”. At least to me. This was also a track that just almost created itself in almost no time at all, not like am I, but say 3-4 hours of total production time.

is it – ok, so you might have gotten from earlier projects that I like challenges and that I sometimes put limitations on myself. For this song, my family helped me to choose (by names only) three sounds. Yes, that’s right, they did not (nor I) get to listen to the sounds they chose. My job was to forge them together into this track and make what ever I could make out of it. The three first sounds that are introduced in this songs are the one’s chosen by my family. And here you go, this is it.

is that – the fourth and final track for this EP. What can I say? If there is any connection formed between the I and you, and there is a start of a connection to it, than that is completely off… and that is that.