What is…

  1. What is right?
  2. What is true?
  3. What is good?
  4. What is love?
  5. What is real?
  6. What is free?
  7. What is just?
  8. What is more?
  9. What is less?
  10. What is enough?


What is right? – Confusing rhythm at first, but perhaps it makes sense after a while. Over all a slow track. 90 bpms. It is chosen for a very specific reason. In fact, all tracks on this album have different and increasing bpms. Perhaps you will figure out why in the future! Perhaps not. Either way, the sounds of this track is a little dirty. I thought it suited the tempo.

What is true? – Bpm 91. Building energy. Without ever releasing it. Keeping it intense. Like a flame on a candle.

What is good? – Bpm 92. Would you say that this track is good? I would. At least it is pleasant to listen to. And it is not bad. Perhaps a little sad, but still claiming to raise the energy without ever speeding up the tempo. Even if it feels like it. And it feels like it slows down at the end.

What is love? – Bpm 93. Oh, if I only had a way. But I do not. Yet I still wonder. What is love? A great many things I am sure!

What is real? – Bpm 94. Sometimes it starts with something peculiar. Like in this case. And believe it or not. It is real. Really real.

What is free? – Bpm 95. You could think that the beginning is an arpeggiator, but it is stacked notes, free, independent, with a will of their own! Like the rest of the track.

What is just? – Bpm 96. What is just? Not life anyway. This track? Perhaps. I’ve tried to make it justice and this is the result. Now, you’ll be the judge. But you are limited to judge your own opinion only. You have to respect other’s opinion regarding this track, even if it is in direct conflict with your own.

What is more? – Bpm 97. Could this be more? Well, like this is in a way more. It is not less. Not yet. Less will come in time. Now it is more.

What is less? – Bpm 98. …and here we are, less. Just arrived. Nothing more. But less. This track is less like more, but more like less. In fact. It is less. So I guess it answers the question?

What is enough? – Bpm 99. Enough! Last track! After this track this album is done. I hope you’ve enjoyed it all!