1. The gift
2. Here you go
3. Another collection
4. New gets old
5. Key
6. Underdog
7. 4ever
8. Yoga
9. Obtainable
10. Unexpressed
11. Relay
12. Trust
13. Incoherent response
14. Mutual response
15. Echoes


The gift – Slow and soft start of this album. It begins with the gift. Given to you. Then it’s you, giving your time as a gift in return.
Here you go – Annoying sound kicks it off, followed by a real 90’s bass sound, and heavy drums-sounds in a slowish beat. Here you go!
Another collection – Another collection of sounds, stacked on top of each other, separated, merged, mixed. Could be another used sound collection at a local thrift-shop.
New gets old – Even a broken sound can be used as the main melody, and at the same time as something else. Old gets reused and turned into something new, then, as time passes, new gets old.
Key – which key would this be? I believe just one. No specific, just a key, not the key. Not a major key, nor is it a minor key. I don’t see how it could be. But not B. And even if I don’t see, it still is. And yes, it is a minor key, even if it is not.
Underdog – Sometimes, it is the underdog that wins the fight, in this case, the underdog starts, gets pushed away for a big portion of the track, but in the end it triumphs once again!
4ever – What lasts forever? Well, nothing and everything. Energy can not be destroyed, only transformed. The energy in this track is also transformed. Ever so slightly. The duration of this track, however, is not forever, just about 3:21. Like in 3-2-1-go!
Yoga – Yoga, this amazing practice! It makes wonders, at least for me. It makes me explore the things within, find my physical limits, work with them, slow, mellow, in harmony.
Obtainable – You know the feeling when things are just without reach? But with a little extra energy, you get that well needed push to get there? The obstacle removed, making it obtainable. That. In a track. Obtainable. The energy push. Focused.
Unexpressed – Oh, you know when you have something to say, but you just can’t find the words… they are there, on the tip of the tung, but just out of reach… Like that, this track is like that… It’s like I have no other way to say it, but still it is not the right words to express it…
Relay – In the old days (pre wired phone) it was common for messages that travelled a long way to be relayed through various communications routes. Each point repeating what it got from the previous point, until it reached its destination. Nowadays, it is a completely different thing. But as the relay echoes through time, this is a salute to all those who walked before us, making today possible with their contribution. As they did, we relay our contribution to future generations, as our echos continues through time.
Trust – In this track, I had to have trust. Trust in my creative force. Trust in my ears. Trust in me. And, of course, trust in you.
Incoherent response – Sometimes you get a response you do not expect, nor understand. Yet somehow, it makes sense. Perhaps not right away, perhaps not in a way that the response was originally intended. But in its own way. Like the first sound in this track, like the bass sound in this track. Perhaps not right, right away, but it still makes kind of sense. On its own way.
Mutual response – The feeling when it just clicks. When there is a connection that goes beyond words, beyond communication. When things are just right.
Echoes – There must be a sound for an echo to return, there must be flat surface for the sound to reflect and head its way back where it came from. Like so.