The boy who didn’t listen (lyrics)

Dancin on the railroad
on a rainy day
I hear my father say
get out of the way
son you put yourself at risk
there you cannot stay
and if I lay me down
my tombstone might say

Here lies a boy, that didn’t listen
here lies a boy, down low

Dancin in the moonlight
out in the dark
serenading stars above
the grass in the park
I hear my mother say
you might be the mark
of thieves and bad men
swimming around like a shark

swim safe, my boy and know
things may lure, down below

in school they taught me
that I should learn
work everafter
and money earn
always wait in line, boy
wait for your turn
look for fractions of happiness
then soak and yearn.

be an averege boy, and know
your place is here, down below

I want to learn how to live
before I die
fly free above the clouds
in the sky
by water get real wet
by sun then dry
say hello and spend my time
before my last goodbye

Here lies the boy, that didn’t listen
here lies the boy, down low
I am glad, that I never listened
I’m glad I didn’t stay below
Look at me, I flying
Living everyday before dieing
I may fail when I’m trying
But man, oh, man this is really satisfying