The Album

The Album.

  1. Lonely
  2. Opus I
  3. Nocturne
  4. Game not played
  5. Life itself
  6. Opus II
  7. Spending time
  8. The Artificial Acapella
  9. Legendary Offspring
  10. Opus III
  11. Vast space
  12. Eternity can rust


This is a flirt with the 90’s in a way. At least the baseline(s). Somethings in life can be constant, but still changing following the flow. Other things are just constant. While some elements come and go, and as the go, they leave space for new elements.

Opus I, II and III

Opus is a song in three parts, where as some elements are reoccurring through out the parts, while others change. Still the same song, but at the same time not.


A challenging experimental concept to make a 4x8Max song. What do you say, did I pull it off?

Game not played

You know when there are some unspoken “rules” that everybody follows, social code that you just have to accept and follow? Well, sorry folks, game not played! I have spoken!

Life itself

Another musical portrait of life itself. This perhaps more a reflection of my own wish to have life constant and predictable. Right element at the right place. Following each expected pattern. Yet still life takes its own course, no matter how much I want it to stay within my comfort zone.

Spending time

Whether we (humans) have created time, made it and measure it, it still passes from our point of view. Whether we are taught it, or if we experience it merely because we are humans, from my perspective the only thing we can do is to choose how to spend time. Choose wisely my friend!

The Artificial Acapella

Oh, joy! This was a real treat to make. For me! All computer generated humanoid voices. Nothing “real” here. Artificial all the way baby! As fake as it gets. Yet. Goosebumps! And as we all know, goosebumps does not lie!

Legendary Offspring

This is a tribute to my legendary offspring. For many reasons. And in many ways. Choosing chords that aren’t supposed to harmonize, D#, G and A. Music theory states that these might not really be compatible. Which is why they are. Which is why they can be, and have been, turned into a song. Thank you, my legendary offspring, for showing me that anything and everything is possible!

Vast space

…is a track where you have a lot of space, let’s say between 20kHz and 20Hz, but for some reason, like in many other areas in life, everything seems crammed into the same space, fighting to get along while occupying the same space… despite the vast space to share…

Eternity can rust

Well, eternity is a very long time, and a lot can (and probably will) happen… I see eternity as a balance and harmony that will endure over time, but in certain moments, there can be an unbalanced dissonance. So in this song, not all harmonies nor sounds are in perfect harmony the entire time, but over all, it is a well kept balance.