Containing 4 tracks + 1 bonus track

  1. Wars
  2. Trek
  3. Gate
  4. Dust
  5. Stable (Bonus track VBU Style)

About the tracks:

Wars – As always rhythms intrigue me. And especially if different rhythms work together and sometimes perhaps even wrestle each other a bit.

Trek – Imagine a journey out in space. The excitement. Facing the unknown in the horizon. I expect it would be very interesting to go on a journey like that. But also a bit scary. Hesitating a bit for leaving everything behind.

Gate – Think “I got this!”, only to realize – no, wasn’t as I was thinking. That’s the beginning of the song. Designed to wrestle with your mind a bit. Then, the rest follows. Just enjoy the ride!

Dust – Again, rhythms. Has anyone ever stated that a beat needs to be built up by drums or drum sounds? I hope not! That is not my opinion anyway. I mean, they help to build a stable rhythm, but they do not need to fill every gap in it… can be very interesting to throw in something else along side.

Stable – The bonus track! A yes. Why not? Stable ground to stand on! Or is there something else that does not meet the eye at first? Perhaps. In any case, this bonus track is VBU Style! A tribute! (But not the Tenacious D song!)