1. Queen is displeased
  2. I’m in trouble
  3. Father of the year award CANCELED
  4. DDD


Queen is displeased – this entire EP has a little distorted attitude. Perhaps like an angry teenager. Aggressive feelings, but underneath it all, just a soft human being, a loved soft human being. Despite the hard surface. Starting this EP with Queen is displeased as a long main theme. I really did not expect it to be this long, but, the track itself, and what I wanted to express, took a little over six and a half minute to present.

I’m in trouble – Well, if someone, anyone, is displeased, it is a logical conclusion that I’m in trouble somehow. In that case, I need to be on my toes tip-toeing around, not to make things worse, right? Well, that is the core of this track. But while I tip-toe around, perhaps I complain a little about it to myself? And with a gentle soothing voice I answer myself trying to convince myself that everything will be alright, eventually.

Father of the year CANCELED – Sometimes things does not go entirely according to plan. Well, perhaps most of the time. But sometimes things really go south, and side-ways at the same time. And in those times, which might not be the proudest moments in one’s life, it is easy to meet the nagging that follows. Because those time the nagging is perhaps somewhat justified. But still, it is hard to take too much nagging in any situation. Like this, or close to this anyway.

DDD – The gaze. That epic gaze that communicates more than a 1000 words. And perhaps not the nicest of words. But with love. Always with love. VBU.