1. 2121
  2. 42=19
  3. 8119
  4. #23


2121 – Since this EP is all about numbers, I wanted to make each number count as much as possible. My first thought was that this track should be 2 minutes and 12,1 seconds long. But the song was simply not done by then, so I figured that I needed to double it, so it ended up being 4 minutes and 24 seconds.

42=19 – In below dialog there is the Interviewer (I) and Muddhedd (M).

I: So, you do not seem to good at math, right?

M: I’m sorry, but from my perspective it is you who are not good at math.

I: How so? Everybody knows that 42 is not equal to 19.

M: Then you’ve just confirmed my statement, you are not good at math.

I: Explain. I don’t understand.

M: The magic is the equals sign.

I: I am confused.

M: The equals sign means that what is on one side of it is exactly the same as the thing on the other side of it.

I: But it not!

M: Not if you see it as numbers alone, but since there is an equals sign, that means it has to be the same on each side, which is why it is safe to assume that what you read as numbers are in fact representations of something else.

I: So, the 42 and the 19 is not actually 42 and 19?

M: Exactly.

I: Then, what is it?

M: A representation of something else.

8119 – another play with numbers on the same theme. And in this track, two sounds swap places. Kind of. Can you tell which ones?

#23 – This title is a riddle, can you solve it? The track gives no clues, it is just another track.