1. I am now
  2. Nothing more
  3. Nothing less
  4. Just now


I am now – Staring off in classic Muddhedd style, adding strong sounds as the track progresses. Unlike most tracks, each sound in this track has two variations, combined in different ways through out the track. Creating unique now’s within the natural flow.

Nothing more – A happy start, kind of reminding me of the band playing at Jabba’s palace. But don’t be fooled, this is a heavy track with a lot of energy, give it time to build up.

Nothing less – Had trouble with the drums on this. Whatever I threw at this track, it didn’t fit. It all got tangled, cancelling out each other, blurring the preciseness, just… ugh… but then I figured, perhaps just a lonely kick. Nothing more. And yes. Exactly that!

Just now – I really do not like a sound layering many notes on top of each other, creating a harmony that I can only trigger without being able to control. Just play it. But as I found the sound that start this track, I kind of just had to use it and make something of it. And the rest of it just fell in place.