This EP (is it called an EP when it is three songs, or does it need to be atleast four?) was created with very strict limits. It needed to be naked and raw. To be able to do that, below limitations was added:

  • Maximum 2 synthsounds (channels)
  • One drum channel
  • Maximum 2 vocal channels
  • Something needs to be distorted

Nice to meet me

Ok, so, this track has a backstory that even I do not have the full picture of, but I will recount it to the best of my ability.

I was driving home from my father, a route that takes about 20 minutes. Normally, I listen to music from my playlist(s) on Spotify, but this particular day, the bluetooth-connection between the car stereo and my phone did not agree on anything, so they simply did not connect. I was tempted to stop the car and restart it, just to get the connection working again, but I decided against it and kept driving. Forced to listen to the radio. I let my mind wander. And from that drive I remember two things. They might be connected, and might been two completely different things during the drive, but when I stopped the car and got out, I had two images clear in my memory.

  1. There was an interview with an artit that told a story about creation of one of her(?) songs. She had been asked by the swedish artist Robyn to tagg along on a concert or something, and heard the band play a song that she took inspiration from by creating her song.
  2. A phrase from a lyric saying something like “nice to meet you”.

These two things fresh in mind walking from my car to my chair infront of my computer somehow ended up with thoughts like:

Nice to meet you – a rather meaningless phrase, it is just something you say on pure social reflex and rarely something you really mean.

Wouldn’t it be odd to greet oneself like that, and really not care?

Would that even be possible, and if so, how would that situation play out?

Well, in my mind, it would play out a little something like this song.


Isn’t it rather strange, that we tend to hide behind things. We tend to wear masks when meeting eachother, we tend to present picture-perfect-lives on social media, we tend to collectivly believe, and acccept that, as the truth. As the real. As life.

I am sorry, I do not buy it. I need the real. I need you to see me as I am. Naked. If you do not like what you see, don’t look.

Distorted reality

In a way, another view of the previous track. The reality presented to us, surrounding us, distorted. Not the real deal. Not the real thing. I need to see the real, whatever the cost. Even if I need to leave the distorted reality and turn my back on it, perhaps even leaving people behind in it, I need to break free.