Little Pile of Tracks

So, why another little pile of tracks?

Well, I did not feel comfortable with leaving 2023 with 105 tracks. Figured it was an odd number to round off the year with. So, here is another six tracks. Another Little Pile of Tracks.

  1. Let’s do this
  2. Phases
  3. Omnidirectional
  4. Teatime without lemons
  5. XT-Ra 1
  6. XT-Ra 2


Let’s do this – Ok, so, let’s do this, rounding off 2023 with style. Synth style.

Phases – Life has phases, the sounds in this track is run through a phaser. So I guess this means we’re in phase? Yes?

Omnidirectional – I needed a name on this track that started with O. For some unknown reason, the first word that came to mind, was omnidirectional. What kind of word is that? Well. It was exciting, and challenging. Figured I’d need to make the most out of it to get the track to be omnidirectional as well. What do you think? Did I do it? I think so!

Teatime without lemon – When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade! And when you’ve used the lemon to make lemonade, it’s time for teatime! And since you’re all out of lemon, well, it’s teatime without lemon.

XT-Ra 1 – Ok, so, bass warning. Heavy bass warning. Nice! 😀 I like it a lot! More please! Oh yeah, this track, 110 BPM.

XT-Ra 2 – And this track, 111 BPM. And. As a bonus. 1 minute 11 seconds. Go figure! Happy little thing! No, I did not call you a thing, you are a person. It was the track I meant, happy little thing at the end of a little pile of tracks.