Scheduled to be released 8 December 2022.


  1. Leftovers
  2. Imagination
  3. Feelings Deep
  4. Erase the past

About Life:

Leftovers – Well, there was some leftover drums from the 80’s and a 90’s bass-line, both adopted and adapted Muddhedd-style. Combines with some other leftovers from different places.

Imagination – Well, imagine if the piano was well tuned (it is not!), and imagine if the drums were actual drum sounds. And imagine if the bass-line hadn’t been inspired by the 90’s, and imagine if the melody sound had been an actual melody sound. Imagine what this song could have been. Yet, it still came to Life.

Feelings deep – for 90’s dance music I have. As Yoda might have put it. At least this is how Muddhedd puts it. This is how Muddhedd roll in 2022! Enjoy it as it is!

Erase the past – is not a wish I have. But I guess some people have that wish. For those who do, I hope you find peace in Life.