This is the promised compensation after the five song EP Wild Oak.

  1. Oh God
  2. Bring Me
  3. Coffee

About Coffee.

Except from being a very nice beverage, this the thoughts behind the songs…

Oh God, a little 90’s flirt with a synth that is tight in its harmonies, and also the repeating and chopped parts in the intro. Believing in some kind of God, this is in no way a musical representation of that, just, laidback and relaxed play with notes, sounds and rhythms… rather being happy, as I believe a God, any God in fact, would like us to be…

Bring me, a little aggressive at first, like someone who is desperately in need of their first cup of coffee in the morning perhaps would be… but then slowly softening up as the coffee works its magic. Still the hard and focused hunt for coffee continues through out the day.

Coffee, a soft and happy and relaxed tune, complex in its appearance, as a cup of coffee can be in its taste. Sometimes perhaps not as we expect, yet still meeting our expectations.