Big Pile of Tracks

1. Such is life when life is such
2. Again and again
3. Grateful for you
4. Artifact
5. Even God knows
6. Venom in my vains
7. Bus stop
8. Unfriendly
9. Freak in the mirror
10. Open
11. Reason
12. Evacuate
13. Viral
14. Rubic
15. Hundred Twenty Three
16. Bigtime
17. Ornament
18. Nugget
19. Ureqa
20. So long and thanks for 23


Such is life when life is such – What about this track? Well, synth fever! Or just synth! Oh, I like those synth-sounds. Especially the heavy bass sounds. And kicks. Deep kicks. So, throw them in to a track and see what happens? Well, this. This is what happened.

Again and again – Sometimes I miss gaming. Alot. But. When you create music, and you can tweak anything to your liking, you can create what ever you like, like music suitable for a game. Perhaps a game that you can play again and again?

Grateful for you – Remember the Roland 303? I do! But I also like other sounds. Sometimes it is nice just stacking them. Feeling the rhythm of it. Taking it slow. One step at a time. Building something. But to get back to the 303, I am grateful for you!

Artifact – The melody in this track is essentially not an ordinary melody sound. It has various artifacts in it, hisses and well, take a listen for yourself. Liked it so much so I added artifacts to some of the other sounds with psycho acoustic effects. I really enjoy the end result of the artifacts. Nicely destroyed the original sounds, giving them new life and character.

Even God knows – Kind of opposite to Who knows, nobody knows. (Or Whose nose, nobody’s nose.) This track is a celebration to my liking of structure and order. And what way to celebrate just that simply without it? Common ways of building tracks is keeping even numbers, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32. Repeat patterns. Even I do it, but perhaps not in a very common way. But this, noooo… no particular pattern or repeating of them. Just about, but not exactly.

Venom in my vains – I know what you are thinking. Venom, it is another word for poison, and if there is poison in my veins, it is no doubt a bad thing. I agree with the way you think. But I did not create this track as a bad thing. I created it as something that would get under my skin, into my veins. Fill me. Make me a safe kind of high. As I do sometimes, I wait for about half the track before introducing the final element. This is one of those tracks. And to me, it is no doubt worth waiting for. The venom in my vains.

Bus stop – I commute to work. And as I get off the train in Helsingborg, I go outside the station to the bus stop. And from there I have a great view to the other side of the street where there is a… bus stop. Buses come and go. Like an endless train, except that it is not a train, it is buses, stoping at the bus stop.

Unfriendly – Sometimes life can be unfriendly, heck, sometimes I can be unfriendly, especially towards myself. No, scratch that. Only to myself. Toward others, I always try to be friendly (no guarantee that I always succeed though)! For the times life is unfriendly and hard on you, harvest the energy and make something out of it. Like a track.

Freak in the mirror – I am not gonna lie. Perhaps you have a nice image of yourself. I do not. Most often, I am balanced, in peace, then I have a nice reflection in the mirror. Then, every now and then, something upsets my balance. Darker forces move within me. At those times, it is easy for me to look in the mirror, and see a freak. And over the years, I have learned that when that happens, the best thing I can do is to face that feeling with warmth and kindness towards myself. Yes, perhaps I see a freak in the mirror, but it is also me. A side of me that arises now and again. It is a side that needs love, needs tending. I can give that love and compassion to myself, I need to give it to myself. So, if you thought, by the title that this would be a hard and aggressive track, you were right, but I changed my mind, my mindset, and gave myself love and hope instead. It became a happy track. For me.

Open – or closed? Or is it the interpretation of this track that remains open? Well, it is, as always, up to you! 🙂

Reason – Reason, I need Reason! It is my primary tool! Without it, I would have no Reason, and there would be no Muddhedd. Or perhaps it would. With a different tool. But now, the reason for Muddhedd is Reason with the simple answer that there needs to be Reason with Muddhedd.

Evacuate – you know when you hang around in a space ship, and out of the blue (or black), the alarm start sounding, something is wrong, you need to go… the adrenaline kicks in… the alarm keeps sounding around you, as you make your way to the escape pods. Kind of like that, except, hopefully, you are not on a space ship, and if you are, I hope the alarm doesn’t go off!

Viral – This bassline stuck with me, it went viral in my head. It had to be born into this world. Perhaps it will go viral in your mind as well, perhaps not. But I’m glad it is out here, rather than just in my head.

Rubic – The famous, to me unsolvable, cube. Six sides, all different colors. I doubt that I would be able to solve it in any other way than all sides being the same color. Perhaps it is a patience thing, perhaps the key is something completely different. But I salut you, unsolvable cube!

Hundred Twenty Three – Oh, how nice to be able to make this track! The 100th track to release in 2023. Completely unexpected, yet very welcome! It is a little happy dance within me! A great pat on my own back! Yay! <3

Bigtime – Bigtime, big sounds. Big everything. And also nice. Nicetime. I float away when listening to this track. Almost leaving orbit. Or perhaps launches myself into orbit. Unclear. Nicetime, bigtime!

Ornament – a word I never use, but now, I needed a track name on the letter O – and this was, oddly enough, the first word that popped up in my mind. Don’t ask me why, although I am probably the only one who could possibly provide an answer. But I can’t, so you just get to enjoy this ornament. Whatever it is! 🙂

Nugget – Warning for heavy kick drum and deep bass! Just the way I like it! And perhaps not the most used notes or scale. But I works, keeps things interesting! Enjoy!

Ureqa – Is it possible to use two different pianos, and a few synth sounds, and make a track out of it? Obviously! And as a bonus I have thrown in some beats as well!

So long and thanks for 23 – How do you say goodbye to 2023 when the next track is due in a few days? Well, with sounds and elements that you might recognize from before of course! With an energy beat to keep you going until the 1st of January 2024 when the first 24123-track is released. The beat will keep you going until then, I hope! <3