About Backwards.

Labelless – well, when I thought about what to call this song, I first tried to place it in a genre, but failed miserably. Just figured that it was Labelless. Like me, so that is what I called it. 

Opposite – If there is a here, then there automatically will be a there, if you direct your attention to anywhere else but here. And this is what I think about the sounds and components of this song. There are sounds and melodies that I can focus on, they will be precent here, but that leaves all the other sounds and melodies not here, but still part of it all, and in a way, they are opposite the sound in focus.

Origin – everything, and everyone has an origin, a beginning. This song is certainly not my beginning, or my origin, but it was born out of a writers session where I thought much of how everything came to be. How it all was created. With a lot of energy, but I believe in a slow pace. And a lot of patience. And that is what this song is about.

Pandora – you know, the one opening the box? First curiosity, then getting closer to the box, fighting the urge to opening it, heart pounding in the chest trying to resist the temptation, then moving closer and closer and finally opening it up, letting it all out… the misery and pain of this world. Here represented by a slow synthmelody, slowly slipping out into the world. Then, nothing, all done, too late. This was it, I’m done! But what was let out will still find its way around the globe, and perhaps even further out in the universe, who knows?