4 U

  1. Breath of an Angel
  2. 4 U
  3. Something
  4. John Marwin

Yay! Go Muddhedd!

About 4 U

Except for the obvious (that this EP was created 4 U) the first track, Breath of an Angel, was intended as a bonus track for paying customers on the platform “Bandcamp”. But I abonned both the platform and the former artisname so this track ended up as the first track on this EP. 4 U!

The song 4 U is actually containing voice samples of my own voice. In this song I want to mix the sharp, exact and precise digital with the organic and unpredictable in nature (represented by my voice and the sweeping sound of the wind / ocean (which ever you prefer)). Even if I am not the greatest singer in the world, I found it hard to do the voices “dirty” and “off beat”… so I had to cheat a little within my DAW to reach my goal. 

Something is a song that I made in one evening in my studio, just wanting to create something. And something was created. Something, here 4 U!

Oh, yah… John Marwin… sorry about this track, it scares the h*ll out of me… Have you seen the movie “Killer Klowns“? If not, please don’t, well, this movie was partially channeled in this song… Too bad for John though… hope you’ll get over it one day!