24123 – September releases

Ah, September! A nice month. But, challenging, since I currently live in May 2023, and not September 2024.

Either way, as I have shared, my life is a bit upside down at the moment. A lot of ongoing changes that I need to relate to and get used to. But a constant thing, luckily, is music creation, so I’d like to kick of this new era with the first track.

Fresh start: 24083 (20240903) – Fresh start. I had to take my time to think about this. A clean slate perhaps would be the most logic startingpoint? But no, not to me, not right now. I am in a new situation, but I am not a clean slate, I have a lot of things with me, experiances, things I like, things I do not like, so I figured, a good place to start making a Fresh start would be (for me, at this time) to reuse strong and likable elements from my past life. So, unless you are new to Muddhedd music at this time, you probably will recognize some of the elements. In new forms, in new shapes, in new combinations. Building new things with familiar and strong buildingblocks. That’s the tune now. That’s my current track. That’s this track. This Fresh start. My Fresh start.

I got a new chair: 24084 (20240906) – This might sound silly, or at least like a silly title. But to me it is significant. As I produce music, I need to be at a place where I am comfortable. Flexible. And I have, for a long time, had a chair that was perhaps not really suitable for music production. Great to sit and relax in. Great for evening tea. But for music production. Nah… not so much. So, in my new apartment, I got a new spot for music creation. It is flexible for combining standing up or sitting down, on the same spot. To illustrate this, I’ve made this track playful, and a little flexible.

Elegant: 24085 (20240909) – Sometimes, to me, creating music is like putting a puzzle together. It goes rather easy. And more seldom putting the puzzle together is done in no time at all, it’s just flow. Everything fits together. Sounds. Tempo. Melodies. Rhythms. Effects. The mix. Everything. This track is one of those productions. And, as a bonus, it sounded very elegant. Which just happened to be the title I choose for this project before starting it.

Charging: 24086 (20240912) – Oh, this is a word I love… it is not in its nature just duality, it is more than that. Much more. Two opposite meanings, in my opinion, is charging, as in being stationary, refilling a battery with energy, while the other charging, that is not stationary, but full speed ahead towards your enemies, is more about to spending all the energy, and then some… This track, however, has nothing to do with neither of the charing’s mentioned above. It was just picked at random.

Recreate: 24087 (20240915) – Recreate, also a fascinating meaning. And this time, I took it literally, and created one track, then, recreated the track within itself, based on itself. Does it make sense? No? Not to me either. But that was what I did. Even if it does not make sense to myself when looking back at it. But there you go. I guess this is one of those rare times where the result was the goal, and is what is remembered, rather than the creative process and journey. Happy little accidents.

This time: 24088 (20240918) – What time? This time! Are you sure this time? Yes, this time! And time in this progresses. Builds. As any true Muddhedd track does. Playfull. As another Muddhedd track. And other Muddhedd tracks. The fun part of this track is that the fx on one sound is alway on full volume, while the actual sound source is not. It is fading in and out. Just had to try and build something around it, this time, in this track.

Fixed flexibility: 24089 (20240921) – Do you ever feel flexible? I know I sure do. Up to a certain point. That point seems to be fixed. Oddly enough. So, that to me implicates a fixed flexibility, if there is even such a thing. The magic in this track is the various rhythms that interact with one another to create the tension you can hear (as this track is released in September 2024).

2nd floor: 24090 (20240924) – The was a group in the 90’s who is called 2 Brothers on the 4th floor, so, since I am one brother, and my new apartment is located on the 2nd floor, I thought it was a suitable title for this track.

Elevator jam: 24091 (20240927) – Now, is this jam made by elevators? Or jam in an elevator? Or jamming’ in an elevator which becomes elevator jam? Or just what is this? Analog meets digital? No, well, hard to explain, you need to listen to get an idea of what this is.

Need a needle, not a noodle: 24092 (20240930) – This is a wall of sounds. Hence the need for a needle. With that needle, in theory, you could punch through the wall of sounds. But if you instead got a noodle, it would not be able to go through. Uncocked it would break, and cocked it would be to soft, so no need for a noodle either way.