24123 – October releases

Time to start X-mas preparations already? It is time to reload and head towards the final sprint. In a race with 12 laps, this would be the 10th lap starting now.

Oh, and if someone is wondering, yes – I goofed. Bigtime. But like the ever so pleasant Bob Ross puts it: happy little accidents. Last track of September was scheduled for the 30th, and the first for October for the 1st. Meaning, not three days in between. An error that I just discovered. But, in hind sight (a.k.a. the world’s most exact science) it resulted in the 123 tracks for 2024, a nice number. If not for this ‘error’ it would have ended up with 122, which is not as nice as 123.

Inhale the exhale: 24093 (20241001) – Have you ever been so close to anyone, face to face, that as they exhale, you inhale their breath? It is quite the experience, if you like the other person that is. If not, it is perhaps not a wanted experience. Or even likable. But I do hope this track is likable. Enjoy!

McBeth Harmony: 24094 (20241004) – A packing of many things, at least three… perhaps you do get the references, perhaps not, depends on how well you play, and not only the game, but it is perhaps also in your state of mind. It could be the balance. It could be the yin and yang. Or something completely different. Or what do you think, mate?

Instant startup: 24095 (20241007) – have you ever had an idea, and the very instant it is formed, you want to start it up? I have, on many occations. And over time I have learned to harvetst the initial energy and forward motion of that moment, only to take a step back later in the process to give the idea a more solid body and foundation, then run with it towards the finishline. I am one of those who enjoy the process of getting from start to finish more than I enjoy the finished result (which I do enjoy very much and take great pride in)!

Current current: 24096 (20241010) – this is for all the bass lovers out there! Deep and heavy! A current in water is a flow, a flow of energy. It can go one way, or the other, but the motion is always forward in one way or another (except for swirls perhaps). This track is the embodiment of my current forward motion. Sense of direction is clear, the force however, varies on daily basis.

Spread the bread: 24097 (20241013) – This title came into mind unprovoced. Pop! It was there. I could not help but to laugh out loud. Why, you might ask? Well, I instantly assosiated it to being said by one of Jesus’ apostels. First spread the word (about Jesus) and then, spread the bread (and fish). To me, as a believer, it is almost as likley that one of the apostels or Jesus himself would say “spread the bread”, as it would be hearing any of the utter the words “Yo! Bro’! W’zup?” The title was fitting for this track, so here you go, the story behind the title. Enjoy!

Slow down motion: 24098 (20241016) – Slow down motion. At this stage in life, where there are a lot of things happening to me, in me and around me, I constantly need to remind myself to take it slow, but keep moving forward. Going from full speed ahead, through a slow down motion, and keep moving forward in a steady, healthy and sound way. (Pun intended!)

Toxic: 24099 (20241019) – Toxic. It has been within me a long time. Now I am clensing. The clensing period is not a pleasent one. But it needs to get out of me, physical, emotional and mental toxic that I’ve kept inside for far to long. It need to be handled as toxic waste and I need to get rid of it in a controlled way. I do not want to contaminate anything or anybody else with it.

Indoor game: 24100 (20241022) – For this track, I needed a title. And I turned to the forces of randomness. Why are there even such a thing as random word generators? But luckily, for me in this case, there are! And I used it, two random words combined into one track title. I have yet to decide if it is a match or if it is completely off. The track itself is a slow and smooth thing. Perhaps a little positive melancholy.

Rainfall: 24101 (20241025) – I don’t remember what famous track this comes from, but it starts with someone saying something like “drums please”. A rap song if I remember correctly. Well, that’s just how this track starts. Not with the words, but rather the drums. And then the various sounds start to rain down through out the track. There are even some sweeping windy elements moving the falling raindrops around. I hope none hits you! But I once heard, that there is a differens of walking in the rain(fall) and getting wet. I for one very much enjoy walking in the rain. And I do not mind the getting wet part that usually follows my strolls through water drops.

Are we there yet?: 24102 (20241028) – For some (unknown) reason, I got the association to the character Donkey in Shreck (which might give you a clue as to why the track is named as it is…) – and as I listened to it when it was taking shape, I imagined a journey, a long one, at first, all seems familiar, and repetative. Just the same things over and over, and about half way into the journey (or the track), the journey starts to be a bit more interesting and exciting. And finally, yes! We are there yet! Now!

Mirror mismatch: 24103 (20241031) – while most often working repetative with four bars, for this track, I work with eight. The second four does not mirror the first four, just almost. So, there is a mirror mismatch in this track. And the title or concept is something I have seen in far too many movies. It has scared me from time to time, but most of all, I’ve found it very intriguing. And this is a track where I excluded drums all together. I did not think they added anything of value to this track.