24123 – November releases

Today is crazy: 24104 (20241103) – Have you ever had a day that is just… crazy… in lack of a better word? This track was created on one of those days. Where things did not go as planned or intended. Spinning out of controle, yet somehow, ending up in a positive outcome.

Unfriendly echo: 24105 (20241106) – Sometimes things can sneak up on you, unnoticed at first, then, it’s just there, right in front of you. You cannot escape. As you try to get out of its grip, it seems to adapt, and the more you struggle to get out, the more it stays in front of you and keep it in its claws. Like that, but in a track. And, like all echoes, even unfriendly ones does eventually fade out.

A day with days: 24106 (20241109) – A day with days. It is one of those days, where a moment can feel like a seperate day, not connected to other moments during the same 24 hours. It happens to me all the time. A day with constant side tracks.

Time for now: 24107 (20241112) – There is no time like the present. Yet, at least for me, I need to remind myself that it is time for now. Always. Not dwell on the past, not get stuck in dreams or worries of the future, but stay here and now.

Watch the watch: 24108 (20241115) – Tick, tick, tick, watch goes. Watch it, and you’ll see. Watch the watch! See what it does. Nothing really. Yet, somehow, it manages to take controle of you. Getting you to chase it. Run after it.

Strong weakness: 24109 (20241118) – Can you have a strong weakness? A weakness that is powerfull, that you can use and make to work for your advantage? I believe so. I believe that all of you, each part, is equally important, and that as long as you emprace all of you, you only gain from it all. That’s my view.

Fire within: 24110 (20241121) – It is important not to forget it, even when the fire fades almost goes out. But I believe it is always there, perhaps just as a tiny glow, but it is there, ready to come alive as you feed it with the right fuel. But don’t fuel it too much, it might burn you. Keep it alive and use it to your advantage. That’s what this track is about. The fire within.

Feed the right wolf: 24111 (20241124) – I think I have refered to the two wolves in the indian tale before, one bad and one good. And it is your job to feed the right one inside you. At the moment, I am struggling with feeding the right one. For reasons unknown to me, it seems like the wrong wolf are constantly getting more and more to eat. Perhaps I’ve forgotten to feed the good one for a while, so it has weakend in its power, giving the other a possibility to take advantage over the situation. Eitherway. Today I promised myself to only feed the right wolf again. I hope you can hear my determintation in this track. A positive hope on the horizone.

Is this real?: 24112 (20241127) – Oops, this track was not supposed to be over 6 minutes, but as it grew and matured, with that magnificent and powerful synthbass, time kind of disappeared. So, here you go, 6:20 with synths. The last sound to be introduced is actully introduced four times, to build rhythm and harmonis, panned for you conveniance. Enjoy!

Progress made: 24113 (20241130) – Indeed, progress made! Only ten more tracks to go, then project 24123 is done! I can see the finnishline, even if I am not there yet. And what progress. This has been a journey that I do not wish to repeat, but I take a lot from it with me, not only in music creation or creativity. But in structure, focus, prioritizing and so much more. I enjoy every step of the way, I hope you have (do) to!