24123 – May releases

Special II: 24042 (20240503) – Ok, so this is special too. Right? Already in may, as it may be. Figured that I’d combine things that does not come naturally to mind. If you don’t mind? I didn’t. Mind that is. Because I did. Combine things that does not come naturally to mind. With me?

Ordinary legend: 24043 (20240506) – So, odd coincidence or faith? This track was composed, arranged and produced on the night between my last day as a 42-year-old and my 43rd birthday. Cool thing to mention. I have to confess, I wish I had planed it, but I did not. Ok, back to the track… how do you take something legendary and make it ordinary, or the other way around? Take something ordinary and make it a legend? Obviously, both perspectives offer their challenges, but that did not keep me from trying.

Amuse the muse: 24044 (20240509) – Phew, this track. As awesome as it is, it is also amusingly long. Close to 8 minutes. It took time to tell this tale, to explain how to amuse the muse. The entire story, in tender steps, each in detail. Tender steps, yet powerful. No doubt. And I take great pride in this! I really want to Amuse the muse. And you.

Lighting Lightning: 24045 (20240512) – Ok, so, lightning. All powerful, potentially destructive. Who would ever think about lighting lightning, except maybe Thor? Well, I figure, that if this were to be done. You should tread carefully into the deed. Deliberate, perhaps with gentle power. Then, the next stage, harness and build up the tension. Still deliberate. Still gentle. Then, as power builds, it is time to back away, before it is being released. Still gentle, still deliberate. Then just wait and observe.

A Cow Moose: 24046 (20240515) – Cow. Moose. Two different animals. To my knowledge anyway. Perhaps it is an elaborate scheme that one despises as the other just to fool us? I mean. When we talk about Cow’s, they are almost telling us. Don’t you think? Moose. A Cow Moose. Because it does? Perhaps.

Senior Newbie: 24047 (20240518) – Ok, so, the next two tracks originates from a recorded concert I watched. John Williams and the Berlin Philharmonics, playing everything from Harry Potter to Star Wars. John Williams is a legend. I am a huge fan! Not only do I enjoy the craftsmanship of the music itself, but I love movies and the way that music (and sound) contribute to the entirety of the movie. Contribute to telling the story. Anyway. So, I was watching this fabulous concert. And I got two thoughts. 1. (This track) – What if there, in the orchestra (in my case electronic synths), among all the gifted musicians who have spent thousands of hours to practice their instrument and master it, where two oddities. One like rebel, playing what it is supposed to, but perhaps not exactly what it says in the notes, nor precisely according to the conductor. The other a defiant 3-year-old who just want to do what ever they feel like in the moment. How would that situation unfold and what effect would it have on the entire musical piece. This is what I attempt to explore here.

Curious 4 life: 24048 (20240521) – 2. The second thought I got from above mentioned concert was, what if each member of the orchestra just chose a random note to begin with. At a tempo of their choosing. And one after one just falling in line, mending towards the will of the conductor and start to contribute to the greater picture. Starting in chaos, and from that chaos, order slowly emerging. Again, I do not have an orchestra, but very willing synths. But they lack a will of their own, so I have to tell them. And to ensure chaos, I enlisted a randomizer to give me a set of numbers for each synth. First random selection was between 1-12, selecting what note to play. Second was 0-7 selecting what octave to use. And third, I’ve decided the first part of the track into 32 pieces, to get each synth a selection between 1-32 to see how long that particular sound would stay in chaos before thriving for order. Now, to maintain chaos, the random sequences of numbers were selected for each synth the amount of times the 1-32 showed. Thus a huge amount of random selections helped creating chaos, and from that randomly created chaos, order emerges. At least, that was the plan. I had to change it. Some of the random numbers between 1-32 that was supposed to set the duration of chaos was to few, the chaos was to short, so I over ruled the random numbers and made the chaos part 32 parts long for all synths, then… slowly… a different kind of structured chaos… that slowly sorts out, moving towards order.

Goat got oat: 24049 (20240524) – Yeah, right, so, title mismatch, or something. This track got nothing with goats or oat to do. Hard to say what it is about. All I really can say is that I enjoy it a lot. Or, if I should try to connect it to the track title, a loat!

Equal and unique: 24050 (20240527) – Yes, we are all equal. No doubt in my mind. And also, totally unique, no doubt in my mind there either. Equal could mean the same. But that would make the unique part untrue. And I hold them both as equally true. Which means that equal cannot mean the same. It has to mean something else.

Hello, how are you?: 24051 (20240530) – Seeing someone for the first time. It might start a little slow, before a clear break in the fumbling conversation, where it just clicks. Then fascination. You just hit it off. That feeling. Composed by various elements. The basic structure is three different rhythmic sounds from different sources combined to the harmony of the track. I think it makes a great foundation to this track.

Well, folks, this is it for the May releases of the 24123-project!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!