24123 – March releases

Elephants: 24021 (20240301) – So, I bet you are wondering what the connection between the track and the title is. Normally, there is, sometimes a far fetched, but still a connection. To be honest, I am wondering that to at the moment. The only vague connection I can come to think of is that I like this track, and I’ve never met an elephant, but I think I like them. I mean, they look kind of cute in pictures. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the closest I come to finding a connection between this track and its title. So you just need to accept this one without questions. And if you do have questions, I need you to provide the answer yourself, because I do not have it. I guess that would count as the elephant in the room?

Desire: 24022 (20240304) – I like the taste of that word, desire. To me, it contains expectation, longing, unknown, yearning. It is a nice and positive feeling whom I like very much. And enjoy occasionally. It is a good feeling. As is this track. It is a good feeling.

Maintain: 24023 (20240307) – The first sound, tone, note and rhythm is maintained through out the track. This is what maintain is about. And it is a funny looking word, maintain. Three repeating letters with different letters in front of them. I like the look of this word. I like this track. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Special: 24024 (20240310) – Oh, this is Special. Oh, so, special! I mean, look at the number! It is beautiful! And as a tribute, this track is 4:24!

Locomotive: 24025 (20240313) – Locomotive, always pulling forward, going first. Following the track. Taking the heavy load. Despite the scenery around, alway working towards the next station. And then the next. Always. Determination. Getting to the destination. Got to respect that!

Steam train: 24026 (20240316) – Alright, if you can hear the steam train, raise your hand! (I raised mine!) This is a journey through various scenery. From crowded industrial cities to open dessert and difficult climbed over mountains. All the while, the journey continues onward. Eventually, the journey of the steam train ends. But oh, what a journey!

Continous stream: 24027 (20240319) – A stream. It could be a continuous stream, but this is not a continuous stream, this is Continous Stream. What is the difference you might wonder? Is it merely a simple miss-spelling of the word? Perhaps, or there is a deeper meaning below the surface of the stream. Hidden in its depth. For me to know, for you to wonder about. But I can safely tell you, as Groll states several times (character from the book The Last White Witch), there is always more than meets the eye!

Flow in a go: 24028 (20240322) – Yes, oddly enough, there is a part an and a part b on this track. Would it not count as two tracks then? Noop. Not in my book. Not this time at least. To me this is one track in two parts. The track then. One or two. Either way. It is a simple melody, simple in its rhythm and it is a positive flow. Takes my thoughts to a sprinkle of ancient asian melodies. Not the arrangement itself, but the first melody. Powerful in its simplicity.

Fountain: 24029 (20240325) – A fountain, pouring water. On the surface, it looks nice and simple, playful. But beneath it all is some serious ingenuity. Just to get it to work, and artistic features to make it look nice. It is indeed a masterpiece. And it spreads joy. As does this track, I hope. I give you Fountain.

Mountain: 24030 (20240328) – Mountain, big, deep foundation. Steep climbs and flat surfaces. Harsh environment combined with marvelous green vegetation zones. Another marvel on this planet! I hope I’ve made the mountains proud with this track. Respect!

Like nothing else: 24031 (20240331) – Ok, so first thing first. Is this Like nothing else like in I am not fond of anything other then, or is it Like nothing else like unlike everything else? Or is it both? Could it be both? Is it even possible? Perhaps. This track, however, is very possible. And it is hereby presented to you! Once it arrives and gets available for your ears. I hope you like it, like you like other things. And don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely no exclusive liking implied in the title, even if it may seem like it. Like that.