24123 – June releases

Nice to meet you!: 24052 (20240602) – Alright! June already! Really nice to meet you! I do not know where in the world you are, but in the beginning of June in Sweden, it could very well be summer with +20°C or it could be cold, rainy and/or windy and be around +8°C. Since I created this track in the end of (a cold) February 2023, I cannot say what the weather will be like in roughly a year and three months. But, my guess is probably as good as those making the forecast, but their guess will be build on real data, as to where my guess is… well, just a guess… so, I predict that, uhm, it will be a sunny Sunday, no wind, about +16°C and some clouds high up. I also predict that I will take a walk, either alone or with my family, and should you happen to walk at the same paths I/we do, it is most likely that we say Hello and Nice to meet you!

Place holder – should I remember it, I will update this post with the actual weather. But that is not a promise! 🙂

W’zup dude?: 24053 (20240605) – W’zup dudę? A reasonable question. But I have no answer. I can say that this track is a product of my imagination when two people meet and greet, and have a lot to talk about. Perhaps in a crowded place. It is a lot of energy in the conversation.

Green Moonlight: 24054 (20240608) – By now, you probably know that I like to challenge myself. And for the first two minutes of this track, I have only used major chords. No minors. Yet, I still wanted it to sound melancholic. And from two minutes in, I change to actually have minor chords, to get that blue feeling. Now, moonlight is not green. I know, but happy chords are not melancholic either, so I kind of broke that rule already. So why not green moonlight? Besides, green is my favorite color! And perhaps I should write that moonlight is my favorite light, but that would be a lie, and also, pushing this too far. So I won’t do it! Let’s just settle for green moonlight. Because that is what I give you… you are most welcome!

Awesome change: 24055 (20240611) – I was about to change this name. Awesome change does not seem like a typical Muddhedd track. Change is not the main thing. Repeating. Tweaking. That is the main thing. And sure, there is changes through out a typical Muddhedd track, and they are indeed awesome. But I felt like it was a little too much to call a track Awesome change. But! (Why is there always a but?) I originally created this track, as I usually do, staring in 80 BPM. It was a good track, but not awesome in anyway. And hey, I was about to change the name anyway so, why not. But something did not feel right. I only want to release tracks that feels exactly right. Not just about right. It needed to be awesome, whether or not awesome would be in the track name. I tried slowing it down, and started to get some great ideas at about 72 BPM. But still not what I was after. But when changing the BPM to 100. That’s it! That, ladies and gentlemen, was an Awesome change! So, the track name finally fitted and the track is awesome!

New path: 24056 (20240614) – Treading a new path. Not literally, but in my imagination. What does it look like? I am probably coming from familiar ground. Then perhaps meet something new, and make a turn or two, only to meet unexpected things. The surroundings changes and varies. The pace is steady, and my footsteps lead me forward. Curiosity is my companion. Along with my shadow. And as the sun sets, my shadow grows longer. As do the way back. But not to worry. This step is followed by another step! Hopeful, joyful and mindful! Because I care!

Another step: 24057 (20240617) – Another day, another night, another track, another step. Nice. Just as it is supposed to be. Walking the walk, skipping the talk, not even singing a song, just another step, all night long. Getting to where I’m going, one step at a time, first this, then another and another. But, dear friend. Take time to smell the daisies. Every day. Take it in, before you take another step.

Hopeful: 24058 (20240620) – Hope. It is said that this is the last feeling that leaves a human being. Well, I do not know about that, but I do know the power of hope. I do know how it can start as something small. I do know how it can grow, change, and take you on a ride that you did not expect. I also know that hope is not easily put out. And even if I often say: stay curious, with this track, I’d like to say; stay hopeful! <3

Joyful: 24059 (20240623) – Well, joy, just as hope, a very strong power. A lot of energy in joy. Now, you might expect from this track that it would be full of energy, happiness bursting through every note. But it’s not. I mean, I do not blame you if that is what you expect. It’s only that in order to feel joy, to be truly joyful, there has to be a counterpoint, so you can compare you joy against something. I guess this is one of those tracks that could act as a counterpoint. Equally important.

Mindful: 24060 (20240626) – I must say, it is rare that I reuse sounds from one track to another, except for the challenge in the challenge that I had before in the 24123-project. But for this track, I have reused all the sounds from the previous track, except the drums, those sounds I changed. And also, I’ve added some more sounds to the new track. I hope you don’t mind. I do not. I’m very mindful and deliberate of these choices. And speaking of Mindful, it is kind of meditative as well, don’t you think?

I care: 24061 (20240629) – I care, I really do. About a lot of things. Yet, despite caring, things do not always go the way we expect. Nor did this track. I had a totally different idea, but the journey took me in directions that I did not expect at all. And here it goes.