24123 – July releases

So, this is very exciting. As the July releases enters this world, I pass an important milestone. Halfway through the 24123-challenge!

Halfway there: 24062 (20240702) – Ah, yes, the first track of July, and also, as stated above, an important milestone. For this track, I’ve selected big epic sounds. And as I normally would cut in the sound spectra to leave space for each sound, I have now chosen not to, and instead let them blend and create interesting experiences. Even if it is halfway there, towards the goal, the goal here is actually the journey. And to give this tale room to tell that story, it is building up, slowing down, giving room for reflection, and keeping momentum forward. This is especially true for the last part, where the “arpeggiated” sound enters. I love arpeggio as much as the next guy, but a problem with arpeggiators is that they are often fixed in a pattern. I needed to create my own, both rhythmic and in variation, to keep the motion forward.

You are important: 24063 (20240705) – So, even though I’ve named this track You are important because the very fact that you are, I am not going to address that, I am going to talk about the track. First, so we are clear on that. I do believe You are important! Very! Now, with that out of the way, and hopefully clear as crystal, this track is a manifestation of little things, small details, all working together to build this track. Without each detail, this track would not be this track. Without the artifacts created by the effects, this track would sound very different (I know because I tried!). What actually makes this track this track, is the small and tiny details. Those are important. (And so are you, as stated earlier!)

You are special: 24064 (20240708) – Ah, with a common theme from the previous track, you are equally important as you are special. You are unique. One of a kind. What you have to offer this world, as yourself, no one else can. Just you! And because You are special this track is for you. Here different elements create different things by cooperating. Each element doing its part in the whole. Just like you.

Keep running: 24065 (20240711) – To be clear. Not keep running from something. Better towards something. But this track is about the energy in the forward movement itself. The momentum that builds up. If you have it going for you, and it is something you want, keep running. Keep the momentum. You’ll get there! (If you are going somewhere!) Even if there are hiccups along the way, you can still use the energy of the forward motion to your advantage, and you can build up the momentum again!

Maintain the balance: 24066 (20240714) – Oh, what can I say. Balance is the most important thing. It’s the Yin and the Yang, it’s the light and the dark, it’s the work and the rest. It is important to Maintain the balance.

Right or left: 24067 (20240717) – Left or right. That is the question. I’m a leftie by birth. But I’ve learned to use the right as well. Aiming for epic with this track. Light, warm, deep, intense. And you know what they say, if there is nothing right, there is nothing left. I do not know who is supposed to have said it, because I just made it up right this second. The second that just left. But perhaps someone else have said it before, I just don’t know! I know this track though, and I enjoy this track, yo!

Right or wrong: 24068 (20240720) – Right or wrong, another good question. Is there even such a thing? If I experience one thing, and that is right to me, and you experience another thing, and that is right to you. Does that mean that we are both right or both wrong? Or does it mean that neither of us are right nor wrong? Could it be that what is right contains both of our experiences, that we hold for right? Which does not make us wrong, but not entirely right either, even if we are right. Right?

Perspective: 24069 (20240723) – Perspective, always. Even if that is the next track! This track is designed to make it possible to loose perspective, and in a sense, get lost. It is also a lot going on at the same time, on the same space, making it harder to focus and make heads or tails of everything, since it is so closely melded together. Or do you say melted together? I guest, that would also come down to perspective. Or perhaps preference, which would be yet another perspective.

Always: 24070 (20240726) – Normally, I use little to no “master effects”, i.e. compression, stereo effects, etc. I enjoy setting everything in the mix, and blend the sounds together, rather than push them through a sharpener at the end. But for this track. I have used effects on each sound, and also on the master bus, to make all the quirky sounds pop out and come forward, and make them a centerpiece rather than unwanted artifacts. I worked so much with the sounds themselves, that once I finished the track without realizing that I never added drums. Not that I always to that either, but most time it is a deliberate choice, this time I just forgot them. 🙂

Happy life: 24071 (20240729) – Occasionally, I share something personal. Obviously not private, since it would not be private if I shared it. But this track. Happy life. I am in the middle of a divorce as I create this track. And despite my goal, both in life and with this track, to create something happy, something filled with energy, I cannot help but let the track be infused with what I am going through, right at this moment when I create it. And my hopes is that, about a year and four months from now, as this track is being released, I will have a much different life, and indeed have created something happy, durable, stable, harmonic, balanced and enjoyable. Not talking about tracks, but life.