24123 – January releases

So, here is the January releases of the 24123 challenge.

First one out – 24001 (20240101) – Needed (according to me) to start with something special, since it is the first one out for the 24123 challenge. One thing that makes this track special is that it is 3 minutes 33 seconds. It also is a little goofy in its rhythm (again according to me). Likable goofy. Catchy goofy. Diggable goofy. A good track to be the First one out!

Scary challenge: 24002 (20240104) – Indeed, scary! Some hesitation. But also a determination. I will get through it! I have my eyes set on the goal. There is only one way to get there. One. Step. At. The. Time.

Outside of comfortzone: 24003 (20240107) – Truly outside of my comfort zone! But I’ve heard that it’s when you leave your comfort zone that you can grow. So, this is me growing. Making something that does not feel completely comfortable, and I am not talking sound-wise, I am talking rhythmical. This is a little off, according to my senses. Yet, oddly, fit together in a quirky way. Any lessons learned? Well, I think this is one of those things that I need time to gain perspective. Meanwhile, enjoy this track!

Trust myself: 24004 (20240110) – Ok, so odd coincidence! As I named this track, before I even started making it, I was not aware that half way through production of it (December 2022) Top Gun Maverick would be released on a streaming service I currently use. As it released, I watched it for a second time (caught it at the cinema the first time), I found myself with a peculiar perspective, and it goes as follows. A triad of the character Maverick (played by Tom Cruise), the entire movie production of Top Gun Maverick and Muddhedd.

Let’s start with the character Maverick. A pilot, not just any pilot, an amazingly skilled pilot, in his true element inside a plane. “Don’t think, just do.” A pilot that needs to feel and know the plane, inside out, work with it and be one with it. Each flight a perfect serenade, from start to landing. A million things working together to make the flight, ingenuity and creativity to build and maintain a plane, and the skills of a pilot to commender it.

The same goes for the movie production of that movie, or any other movie for that matter. A lot of individual things, places and not to mention people, that need to work together as a fine-tuned machinery in order to create the end product. Nothing along the way, from start to finish, is overlooked, or too small to have an impact. Details that need tending and tuned, reworked as the production moves forward, and in the end, a lot of work to complete the movie by working through all the material and create one picture of all the different (available) pieces.

A Muddhedd track is much the same as both a movie-production and a flight. Muddhedd is the entire movie-crew, the skilled pilot and the ground personell to take care of the plane and pilot and all that surrounds the flight. Now, creating a Muddhedd track is nothing compared to both a successful flight or a brilliant movie, but it is basically the same process, details that need to work together as part of a bigger picture, part of a machinery that is dependent on each individual part performing at full capacity. At its best.

Trust the process: 24005 (20240113) – As the process progresses, the music evolves. Yet it builds on everything that has come before it. It is nice that way, that each step always leads to a new. This track quickly became one of my own favorite tracks! It will be hard for me to let this track go, to back up all the files, and then wait, for a little over a year before it is released, but I figure, it will be a nice reunion at the 13th of January 2024. See you then! Or rather, hear you then!

Trust the machinery: 24006 (20240116) – The first sound that is introduced is going around in a circle, it start far back, then moves forward to the right to come almost all the way right in front of you, and then, it starts its way backwards and to the left before centering far back again. Like part of a machinery. The other parts of this track is also part of a machinery.

B(ey)ond: 24007 (20240119) – Perhaps stating the obvious, referens to the famous double oh. But this goes beyond that. This is a track with its own destination, far beyond, to where I do not know, but I can feel it leaves this realm.

I’ve got this: 24008 (20240122) – Feels really good to have started this whole escapade! Sometimes it feels like I want to escape this escapade, but I have started it, and I will continue! This is my journey, and I have invited you to tag along. So, if you don’t mind, I’d really like to have your company and support. I’ve got this, no doubt in my mind, but sometimes it’s nice with some company. So, thank you for tagging along!

Well on the way: 24009 (20240125) – I am well on the way! Feels like a soft journey, mellow, yet hopeful. No stress. Everything just fits together. Feels nice. Comfortable. Yeah. I like this! Hope you do to!

Oh, and if goosebumps don’t lie. Then this is true!

I believe: 24010 (20240128) – I believe, that it only takes a baseline, some drums and three elements containing the same notes, but different melodies and rhythms, to create a track. I believe this, because I just did it.

Everything is energy: 24011 (20240131) – I like this one. Happy track. With nice rhythm and deep bass. Classic Muddhedd. Another classic Muddhedd is the change in melody (which sometimes is adding another element) late in the track. The change makes it happier still. In my humble opinion. What do you think?

A footnote. Perhaps you are one of those who spotted it directly, perhaps it was something that you ignored, or did not notice at all. To me it is important to point out. In the title of 24003, there are a space “missing”. It is intentional. To me, when I am outside of my comfort zone, space tends to shrink rapidly. Figured this could be exciting trivia to some, and completely useless to others. Either way, here you got it! …and rest assure, I am working on it!