24123 – February releases

Simple joy: 24012 (20240203) – Arpeggiated synth sounds with a lot of noise at its best! Makes interesting “beats” and rhythms without actually applying any drums or drum sounds. 8 Max production going down to just maximum of 5 sound sourses. Each one only playing just one note at the time. Simple. Joy.

Levitater: 24013 (20240206) – Could this be classic Muddhedd? Does it even exist such a thing as a classic Muddhedd track, or style? If it does, I guess this could be close to it, at least style. I am levitating along with the track. Safe high. High five on that? Any takers?

Air: 24014 (20240209) – Going from levetating to Air. Bold move? Don’t think so, understand the association I do, like a wise master would have put it. What about Air then? This is truly a wired track, even considering that it is a Muddhedd track. The shift in tempo are supposed to be like when you inflate something, and then suddenly, you find that the air slipping out somewhere. Then you inflate it again, and again, and it holds for a while, but eventually, all the air slips out.

Water: 24015 (20240212) – Water. This brilliant thing. Heaviest at plus 4 degrees celsius. The true cradle of life on this planet. The key in many aspects. But ask anyone that lives close to the water, as life giving as it is, as treacherous. Here, in this track, it is represented with doing a harmony with both minor and major third within the same harmony. Just one tiny tone, giving the entire track a sneaky feeling. In my opinion at least. Normally, I tend to create space for each sound, cut frequencies away, but on this track, like on Wind a little further down, I did not. Water tends to blend with itself and fill everything up, so I let the sounds blend heavier than I would normally do.

Soil: 24016 (20240215) – Also life-giving. In its own way. Perhaps something we all take for granted in a way or another. To me, soil is magic. Pure magic. Put a seed in there, add water and sunlight, then you get a plant. How cool is that? Supercool, which is why Soil should have its own track. And this is it!

Fire: 24017 (20240218) – Aggressive and consuming. Slowly progressing and changing ever so slightly, depending on what it consumes. And when you think it will fade a little more, it seems to get new fuel and becomes more intense, yet again. But eventually. It fades. It consumed everything in its way, and ironically kills itself in the process.

Wind: 24018 (20240221) – A slow and soft breeze at first, then gaining in strength, gaining in force. Taking a step back. And hit again, with more power. As with water, the Wind fills everything, there’s no escaping it. So the sounds in this track are left as they are when it comes to limiting them or cutting them. They are left to blend and add more intensity to each other. Ladies and Gentlemen, Wind.

Iron: 24019 (20240224) – In all honesty, I do not know anything about working with iron. But I imagine it is a slow process. And it needs to take time. It needs to be precise, it needs the right amount of heat. It requires time to be molded into the desired shape. And it is all precision work. No step can be skipped. Each step is needed to be exact and well performed before the next step can be taken. Now, that is what I want to this track to be about. It is what it is about. Iron. Slow progress with a lot of energy and precision.

House of Gods: 24020 (20240227) – Honest to God. I have not been in any house of God. I’ve been in many different churches, which is probably the closest I’ve come so far. I know about the House of One in Berlin, but this track does not refer to that house. No, House of Gods is more like the halls of Valhalla or on Olympus. A house for many Gods, where they feast, relax and enjoy themselves. It is built on a strong foundation, but as the inhabitants moods changes, so does the House. It adapts, it evolves. This is my vision of House of Gods. In a track.