24123 December releases

Endure to the end: 24114 (20241203) – This is a track with a little more energy, that kind of energy that comes at the last part of the race, when you see the finish line and know the goal is within reach. Yet, it is not the time to release all the remaining energy, there is still a bit further to go. But the hope and the good feeling is rising like the morning sun!

Likely within reach: 24115 (20241206) – Now, the calm realization is overwhealming. I will do this, I am close! This track is a little like the eye of the hurricane, mentally. So much living energy surrounding me at this moment, but the mind is still calm. It was a hard feeling to capture, but I am pleased with the result.

8 to go: 24116 (20241209) – a collaboration with Broken heart band aid, also of Musiclabb. It is not the typical Muddhedd 8 Max production, but rather an attempt to capture the feeling you might experiance after a lovely happening, that you know will end really soon, not yet, but soon. One of very few and rare occations when a Muddhedd track includes actual voice and song. Not the first, nor the last, only rare. Another rare feature is the dynamic between the precise and exact with digitally created sounds, structurered in orderly fashion, with precision and the voice and piano sound, that are more of organic nature, not strictly fit into the digital grid of precision. The contrast gives an interesting edge to this track.

ReBoot and Root: 24117 (20241212) – Oh man, another collaboration track (with vocals). But this track took an unexpected turn. Working with PRD NRD on this one, and ultimatly, it lead to a completely different version by PRD NRD, so today it is a double release. Same track, or not.

Validity check: 24118 (20241215) – As important as it is to check the validity of something, it is not always done, at least not in the fast information distributing times we currently live in. I want to send this out as a friendly reminder… every now and then, it can be good to just take a breath, make a validity check, before acting and keep spreading.

Still pulse: 24119 (20241218) – Still pulse is something I both desire and fear. I desire it as in the pulse still being there, and fear if it is not. And as for the track, I do not fear it much, but rather enjoy it… and it feels like the track still has pulse. In the good way.

Million changes: 24120 (20241221) – Million changes, I do not think that is enough. There are plenty more… but also, I do not think my brain can process all ongoing changes all around me. Too much to handle. Too complex. This track, however, is not too complex. It is just easy going and enjoyable, according to me. I enjoy it. I hope you will too.

Happy B-day God: 24121 (20241224) – In Sweden, we celebrate on chistmas eve, and this track is released the 24th of December, thus, Happy B-day, God! Hope you’ll have a nice one! As for the track, figured that chistmas eve is an evening for relaxation, reflection, re… cannot think of another word that starts with re… reoccuring? Regrouping? Eitherway, slow and in a good mood. That is what this track is about.

Goal is close!: 24122 (20241227) – On this track, I got to go all in on synthsounds… (noone but myself has stopped me from doing it before!) Turned out so nice, it is like the track is devided into two different pieces, with a clear breaking point in the middle. It remain the same, yet it evolves into something new. I like it. Synth all the way babe!

All Done!: 24123 (20241230) – All done! It is both relief and joy, pride, sadness and happiness, all at the same time. In a way it is good bye! But just for this project and for 2024! See you next year again!

Yay! All done! What a journey! I am proud! Hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have!