24123 – August releases

Wow – August already. How cool is that? And as I write this, in my current world it is April of 2023. And I am about to move out to my own new apartment. But I’ve completed the tracks for the August releases before moving out. Just to be on the safe side.

Musical poetry: 24072 (20240801) – Poetry. Art with words. Painting with words. Communicating with words. Not talking. Communicating with the purpose of touching another persons feeling, touching another persons soul. How would the equivalent with music sound like? Well, according to Muddhedd, something like this. Sorry, let me rephrase that. Exactly like this. Because this is what came out of these thoughts and this experiment at this time. Perhaps, if done at a different time, different place, different state of mind, it would have sounded differently. But this time, it sounds like this, so, here you go!

Go G!: 24073 (20240804) – If you know, you know! If not, you don’t! Inspiration. Respect. Just had to do this track. Hat off and thank you!

Planet 9: 24074 (20240807) – Planet 9? What kind of planet is that? Well, according to the Saga Quadrology universe. It is earth. And it is Planet 9 because Sid 9 was sent here. Makes sense? Perhaps not. No matter. The track is here either way. And in a way, it is a representation of earth, or rather its harsh inhabitants. Yes, you will probably guess who I mean by the title of the next track!

Egoistic Humanity: 24075 (20240810) – Humanity. What’s wrong with us I wonder?! Now, of course I do not mean on an individual plan or even certain individuals. I mean as a species. So, yeah, in a way, in an individual plan. Because isn’t it true that each and everyone of us has a choice, and are responsible for our own choice? Isn’t that what free will (not Free Willy) is all about?

Me included!: 24076 (20240813) – Yeah, I just put the cards on the table. Above statement applies to me as well! I am no different. If I said so I would only fool myself. Which I believe I do enough already (but most of the time unintentionally).

Friyay!: 24077 (20240816) – Whoomp, here it is! Or hear?! 😉 Friday is a great day! And best of all, it’s today! Even if today might not be Friday, at least it is true for releaseday. What else can I say? I’m OK. From my perspective, it’s soon May! (I write this 25th April 2023.) If it is not Friyay today, and I wish it would be Friyay today too, would it be Friyay tooday?

Let’s celebrate: 24078 (20240819) – I heard someone say that there is always a reason for celebration. So why not celebrate today? Come on everybody, Let’s celebrate!

Consumed by consumption: 24079 (20240822) – As I chose the path of minimalism, I have reflected a lot on things. Various things. Both things as in things and things as in topics. A reoccurring thing (as in topic) is the consumption pattern I feel like I was trapped in. I was consumed by consumption. And a quick browse of the World Wide Web suggest that I am not alone in this feeling. Reflecting on things can make wonders for the future path. It is said that the most exact science is hindsight. And I tend to agree. Hindsight is a privilege to have, to use, and to learn from.

Everlasting Eternity – 24080 (20240825) – Eternity. That is a long time. A long, long time. Perhaps a time to long for, perhaps not. Either way. An eternity. Per definition, it may have an end. It may not. But an everlasting eternity on the other hand, it does not have an end. If it does, then it is not everlasting. And should we enter an everlasting eternity, there would be no way back, no way out of it, no way around it, no way through it. It would be everlasting.

Too soon: 24081 (20240828) – I am pushing on a bit, to complete all tracks for the august release before moving to my new apartment. I thought this was the last, but it was not. One more to go after this one. Thought I was done, but it was too soon. Either way. I really like the melody in this track, it makes a grand entrance after about 1:15 into the track. To me, it is pure happy and playful, full of energy. I also like the sudden shift in temp with about a minute to go. There really is no change in tempo (BPM-perspective) but there really is a change in tempo (experience-perspective).

Just another: 24082 (20240831) – Here is just another track. The last among the august releases. It is powerful, contains a lot of energy. A pulsating bass. It drives the energy all the way through. Except, it is not all the way through. The bass that is. But the energy remains. In my humble opinion.