24123 – April releases

Before we jump into the tracks. Here is a nice feature. Only in April – a challenge within the challenge.

As I create the first track, I need to select one sound in that track that need so be used in the second track. Exactly as it is, no further tweaks, no changes in effects, just playing a different melody or rhythm. And from the second track, I need to choose another sound that needs to be used in the third track, and so on. Leaving a link between all the 24123 April releases. Fun! Yay! Crazy? Yay! Let’s do this!

Unique copy – 24032 (20240403): Slow-going, nice and easy. Yet an underlaying energy building up. This is the first one out this month. So this does not have any inherited sounds in it, all new. From scratch. And it is unique. In a way. And probably a copy in another way. But this is my copy. And that makes it unique. A unique copy.

Desert the dessert in the desert – 24033 (20240406): The first sound that opens up this track is inherited from the previous. Step one done. Now, as for eating a dessert in the desert. Well, why not? But to give it up amongst the sand? Who would do such a thing?

Vault – 24034 (20240409): Care to lock something inside the vault? To you it might be clear and safe, keeping something in a safe. To others it is a little mysterious, out of reach.

Typing Monkey – 24035 (20240412): Have you heard about the infinite monkey theorem? It is a math thing with probability. When I heard it the first time, it was overwhelming. And the image of a monkey in front of a typewriter (yeah, the old fashion kind), that image stuck. And now, it surfaces as a track. This could very well be the musical representation of a typing monkey. Or something completely different that takes shape in your mind. But I like the monkey image, so I’ll stick with that.

Repeat – 24036 (20240415): A little thing, repeating. On repeat. Come to think of it, it is a good description for all Muddhedd tracks. But this in particular, since it is its name. I think it is a powerful thing, repeat. And I talk about the track. And I know it is said about knowledge as well, that you need to repeat to truly learn.

Hunger – 24037 (20240418): Really low bass, and distorted as, well a distorted bass. Tones that does not really match, or add up to what they are supposed to. And the drums. Not a loop, but it sure could be one. This entire track is the representation of hunger. Tempted hunger with what you crave within reach, yet just not.

Mushroom room – 24038 (20240421): Imagine being hungry. Then enter a room full of mushrooms. Mushrooms from floor to roof. Everywhere. Oh, and regarding the track. The sounds of this track, with one exception, is exactly the same as the previous track, except for one in that too.

Grow up (Naah!) – 24039 (20240424): In general, I do not spend much time or focus on Grow(ing) up, except when I enter the world of Italian plumbing. Then it is actually one of my first missions in life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for grow(ing) up, but I personally do not spend much effort on doing so, I am far to curious on other things.

Glow up (Yay!) – 24040 (20240427): Ok, so, same drum sounds, same rhythm, same, same, same! Bass. Same, same, same. But different! And… you need to go slow to glow! In this track that is! To get the glow worthy of a lovers eyes, lumos spells, illuminate or the setting sun reflecting in the water, I figured the sounds alone could not make it, I needed to slow the beat down. Not much, but definitely slower than the previous! So, it’s time to shine! Glow up (Yay!)

Soft smile – 24041 (20240430): Alright. Can a smile be heard? I mean, sure, muscles in the general area of the mouth are activated, but I do not believe that activating muscles generate a hearable sound. Yet, some how, don’t ask me how, I also believe that you can talk to a person on the phone, without having any visual contact, and yet hear that person smile. What does that rambling have to do with this track? Well, I figured, if you can hear a smile through the phone, perhaps you can sense my soft smile while I was making this track?

Question for you! Did you find the sound that leaps from one track to the next?