1. 100.
  2. I made it!
  3. Well done me!
  4. I am my biggest fan!
  5. Proud 2 B me!

100 – this is the 100th Muddhedd track! You are welcome to disagree, if you claim that a version of a track does not count as a new track. But it does not change anything if you disagree, this still counts as the 100th track! 🙂 And yes, you might have guessed it. It is in 100 BPM.

I made it! – It is popular to reuse things these days. Thus, there is only four sounds (even if one is duplicated into two separate channels to be able to make the filter cut in the end of the track, and apply different filtering on the two separate instances of the sound) on five channels, and each sound is reused and repurposed within the track. Oh, bass in your face!

Well done me! – is short and intense. Like a cheer, in this case a cheer for me. Yay! Well done me!

I am my biggest fan! – Well, what can I say about this one? Another slow(er) track, but with a lot of energy building up over time, and as usual, is taken down in between for the dynamics of it.

Proud 2 B Me! – This crazy rhythm – slow, yet up-beat and fast. I do not know if I want to dig it heavy with a head bounce or if I want to stand up jumping as fast as I can waiving my arms in the air like crazy?! Perhaps both? Well, it is best to admit up front, I could not keep up with the crazy tempo, had to slow it down… perhaps it’s an age thing… either way, I am proud to be me!