EP – Muddhedd Midnight Memixes

MMM… I like the taste of this!

First, the framework. I get one night per track remake. Not allowed to pass midnight. And I need to use the same drumkit for all remixes… sorry, memixes*… Also, use the Muddhedd methodology to approach the track and reshape it… Hence the title of this EP.

The absolute best thing with doing a memix is that I have already done the track and engaging in the memix work, I can focus everything on playing around and having fun, without the serious intention of creating a track that I would like to listen to. A memix gets me to push my creative limits even further.

Me like!

Also, I scheduled four nights for this side project. With the intention of one song per night. I didn’t do that. I had time to spare, got into flow one night and made two memixes. So, here you go, five tracks.

  1. Universe
  2. Next majestic thing
  3. What’s goin’ on today
  4. We are the amazing (the fabulos)
  5. Who I can be


With the original version, I was taking a mental trip through the universe… with the remix, sorry, memix, I try to take a rollercoaster ride through the universe instead. What would that sound like? Well, like this!

Next majestic thing

With the original version, I was aiming for a powerful motion forward, using the force (yes, I am a Star Wars fan) and the momentum to move towards the next experiance. With this memix, I am trying to slow the pace down a bit (not BPM-wise, just feeling wise) to a more laidback motion forward, getting to enjoy and experiance the view and things around, as they pass by. Plus, make it sparkling!

What’s goin’ on today

I have a rule of thumb. If I am not pleased with what I hear, remove things, cut in the frequencies. Take away stuff… I wasn’t pleased with what I created here, at first. So. Big butches knife out. And this is what remained.

We are the amazing (the fabolus)

This took a little rework. For the second half, I wanted the voice to be majestic, as I reached that point, I realised, I need to change the harmonies at the end. So I did.

Who I can be

This time I really took it down, changed up the harmonies a bit. But it is as minimal as it can be. But oh, so, good.

*a memix is a remix of one of my own tracks made by me .